We've got a special variety of delicious desserts as a perfect way to end your Vietnamese feast.

Spring Roll Fried Ice-Cream

One of many favourites among our customers: vanilla ice-cream wrapped in pastry, deep fried and covered in caramel sauce, coconut shavings and peanuts.


Black Sesame Ice-Cream

You've got to taste it to believe it. A description wouldn't do it much justice.


Green Tea Ice-Cream

A light and refreshing Asian inspired ice-cream that will tantalise any taste-buds. Green Tea is always a good sign!


Sweet banana and coconut milk pudding

A traditional Vietnamese dessert of warm bananas and tapioca pearls in coconut. Perfect in winter and summer!


Banana Fritters

Battered bananas deep-fried and served with vanilla ice-cream, peanuts and your topping of choice (caramel, choco, strawberry). Simple yet yummy.


Azuki Red Bean Ice-cream


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