*Prices are for dine-in. Take away menus are available to download on the home page with take-away prices.

Spring Rolls (4) - Cha Gio

Southern Vietnamese deep fried crispy rolls filled with pork mince, carrot, mushrooms and onion. Served with sweet chilli sauce.


Fresh Summer Rolls (3) - Goi Cuon

Your choice of chicken or prawn rolled in rice paper with salad, herbs and vermicelli. Served with special hoisin sauce.


Crab Balls (2) - Cang Cua

Deep fried breaded crab balls served with sweet chilli.


Fish Cake (2) - Cha Ca

Minced fish with chilli paste and herbs. Served with sweet chilli.


Dim sims (3) - Xiu Mai

Steamed or fried dim sims with soy sauce.


Pork Dumplings (4)

Choose from Pork, pork & prawn, seafood, beef and cabbage, chicken and mushroom.


Crispy Vietnamese Pancake - Banh Xeo

Special southern style pancake filled with prawns, chicken, & bean sprouts served with salad & fish sauce.


Crispy Quail (1) - Chim Cut

Fried quail served with salt, pepper and lemon.


Steamed rice rolls with chicken - banh cuon

Steamed rice rolls with minced chicken served with bean sprouts, cucumber & fish sauce


Satay chicken skewers (2) - ga sate cay

Grilled satay chicken skewers topped with our special peanut satay sauce and peanuts.


Curry Puffs (3)

Minced curry chicken wrapped in puff pastry, deep fried and served with sweet chilli.


Hanoi Spring Rolls (2)

Northern Vietnamese style: Minced pork and king prawn wrapped in rice paper and deep fried. Served with sweet chilli.


Fried Prawns (3) - Tom Chien Bot

Battered prawns, deep fried and served with sweet chilli.


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Vietnamese Salads - Goi

Fresh salads all served with bean sprouts, lettuce, mints, fish sauce, peanuts and prawn crackers.

BBQ Duck Salad - Goi Vit Quay

Shredded cabbage with BBQ Duck, mints and onion and fish sauce.

$ 18.50

Raw Beef Salad - Goi bo tai chanh

lean beef marinated in fresh lemon juice, onion, mint and fish sauce.

$ 18.50

Green Apple Salad - Goi tao ga/tom

Your choice of chicken breast or prawn with onions, mint, carrot, cucumber and fish sauce.

Chick 16.90 Prawn 17.90

Spicy BBQ Beef Salad

Grilled, marinated lemongrass beef with chilli paste, cucumber, tomato, carrot, mint, salad and fish sauce.

$ 17.90

Grilled ling fish or prawn lemongrass

Choice of lemongrass fish or prawn served with cabbage, mints and fish sauce.

$ 18.50

Cucumber salad

Your choice of lean pork or chicken or prawn or beef with sliced cucumber, carrot, bean sprouts, lettuce, mints and fish sauce.

Pork 17.50 Prawn 18.50

Vietnamese Green Papaya Salad

Choose between prawn/lemongrass beef/lemongrass pork.

Beef/Pork 17.90 Prawn 18.50

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Traditional Vietnamese Soups

Special Beef Noodle Soup - Pho Dac Biet

Beef balls and tendon beef slices in a special beef broth with rice noodles. Served with hoisin sauce, chilli sauce, beansprouts and mints.

Reg $ 12.50

Chicken Soup - Pho Ga

Shredded chicken breast in our special broth served with hoisin and chill sauce, bean sprouts and mints.


Sweet 'n' Sour Viet Soup - Canh Chua

A special sweet, sour and spicy soup with seafood, pineapple, tomato, beansprouts and celery. Perfect with rice.

Chick 16.90 Prawn or Ling 18.90

Vegie Pho - Pho chay

Tofu and a heap of green veggies in our special Vietnamese broth. Served with mints, bean sprouts and hoisin sauce.


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