*Prices are for dine-in. Take away menus are available to download on the home page with take-away prices. Choose from following for stir-fries: - Chicken breast fillet $16.40 - Lean Beef $16.40 - Lean Pork $16.40 - Prawn $18.90 - Ling Fish $18.90 - Seafood $20.50

Season vegetables with oyster sauce

Combination of fresh vegetables with onion, garlic and oyster sauce.


With onion, capsicum, shallots in a delicious satay sauce.


Vegies, ginger and shallots served with soy sauce.

Chilli & Lemongrass

Vegies with onion, capsicum, lemongrass & chilli.


with pineapple, tomato, cucumber and shallots.

Cashew Nut

Snows peas and cashew nuts.


Sweet and Sour

Battered chick/pork/prawn with with capsicum, baby corn, onion and shallots and topped with special sweet and sour sauce.

Black Bean

Beef or chicken with capsicum, onion, shallots in a black bean sauce.

Vietnamese Curry

With carrots, capsicum, mushroom, coconut cream and vermicelli.

Vietnamese lemongrass curry

Chicken only. With carrots, mushroom, coconut cream and vermicelli and lemongrass hit.

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Chef Specialties - (He's a seafood lover)

Salt 'n' Pepper

Calamari $16.90 Prawns $17.90 Fish $17.90 Combo $19.90

Soft shell crab with tamarind sauce

Battered soft shell crab served with home made tamarind sauce, sweet corn, carrot and bed of lettuce.


Soft shell crab with lemongrass & chilli

served with onion, capsicum and lemongrass & chilli.


Soft shell crab with garlic & chilli


Honey Prawns

Battered and deep fried prawns topped with special honey sauce and sesame seeds. (pork and chicken available)


Seafood Hotpot

King prawns, ling fish fillets & tofu stewed in clay pot with Chinese cabbage and seasonal veggies.


Pipis or Mussels in XO or Garlic Butter sauce

Steamed pipis or mussels served with a delicious XO or garlic peanut butter sauce.


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Vermicelli DIY

All dishes are DIY meals where you can experience wrapping your own rolls with your choice of meat, rice paper, fresh salads, vermicelli, mints and fish sauce. All for $18.90

Prawn on sugarcane - bun chao tom

Lemongrass skewed prawns or pork

Special Combination - bun dac biet

Includes spring rolls, grilled lemongrass pork and prawn on sugarcane.

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Special fried rice - com chien

with egg, chicken, prawns, sweet corn, carrot, onion & shallots.


Steamed white rice - com trang

$2.00 per person

Steamed brown rice - com gao luc

$2.50 per person

Tomato Rice

$3.00 Per Person

Garlic Rice

$3.50 Per Person

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