*Prices are for dine-in. Take away menus are available to download on the home page with take-away prices.

Fresh Summer Rolls - Goi cuon chay

with tofu, vermicelli, carrot, mint and bean sprouts, served with special hoi sin sauce & crushed peanuts.


Spring Rolls (4) - Cha gio chay

Mushroom, carrot and chinese cabbage, wrapped in pastry and deep fried served with sweet chilli sauce.


Vietnamese Crispy Pancake - Banh xeo chay

Vietnamese savoury crispy pancake with Mushroom, tofu, onion served on a bed of lettuce, mints and fish sauce.


Dim sims - xiu mai chay


Dumplings (4)


Curry puffs (3)

Curried potato in a crispy pastry with sweet chilli.


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Salt n pepper tofu - tau hu rang muoi

Battered crispy deep fried tofu with capsicum, onion, salt n pepper.


Tofu & Veggies - tau hu rau cai

Tofu and combination of seasonal veggies braised with vegetarian oyster sauce.


Lemongrass & Chilli tofu - Tau hu xao xa ot

Tofu, capsicum & onion stir fried with fresh lemon grass and chilli


Chinese Broccoli - Cai China

Chinese broccoli steamed in vegetarian oyster sauce.


Vegetables and oyster sauce

Combination of vegetables steamed in oyster sauce.


Tofu and cashew nut stir fry

Tofu and snow peas braised in oyster sauce with cashew nuts.


Tofu and Sesame salad - goi tau hu

Lightly fried tofu served with sesame sauce, bean sprouts, mints, salads, carrots and fish sauce.


Tofu Hot pot

Vegetables and hot pot stewed in a claypot.


Black bean tofu

Tofu and veggies stir fried in a special black bean sauce.


Sizzling Tofu - Thiet bang dau hu

Tofu and broccoli, capsicum and carrots served with black bean sauce on a hot plate.


Tofu Curry


Tofu Satay Stirfry


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